Cafe y Pan Dulce


Come join the Latino Business Alliance for some Cafe y Pan Dulce (Coffee & Sweet Bread) to network, meet other businesses and hear what we are all about. You will have the opportunity to promote your business to all our members and learn how to get involved with the Latino Business Alliance.

“Buenos Dias Mi Nombre Es…”

What To Expect

In many Latino homes, the day begins with a conversation over coffee and sweet bread. Our monthly networking meetings are named Café y Pan Dulce, in order to give the Latino community of vision of what to expect before they attend for the first time. Our meetings allow plenty of time to arrive, grab your cup of coffee and choose which sweet bread you will try.

Everyone has to introduce themselves in Spanish. It is fun icebreaker, but does have a very important reason behind it. First, it gives the English only speaker a glimpse into what a limited English speaker goes through on a daily basis. Second, it shows our Latino business owners how much effort is truly being made to connect with them. We all have fun with this segment and share a good laugh.

From the outside, this will look like a regular networking meeting, however, this is place where businesses help businesses. Although, the purpose is primarily to create an environment where Latino business owners feel safe, appreciated and supported. If you have a genuine interest in bringing value to the Latino business owner, this meeting is for you.


Our Cafe y Pan Dulce Networking Meetings will be held every 2nd Thursday of the month from 8 am to 9 am.

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